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Wendy has just subscribed to our newsletter and sent us the following about herself to add to the forum :D


You asked what crafting people did in summer - my answer to this is I never really stop knitting and doing cross stitch at any time of the year.

In the years I worked and was very busy with other things I built up a stock of wool and cross stitch that'll probably last till I die BUT it never stops me looking for new patterns and more wool - totally addictive !!!

I retired last year at 75yrs and having found a new love in my life two years earlier find now I've plenty of time to get on knitting, doing tapestry and Cross stitch.

Because sadly I've broadened since I bought some of the wool for my patterns, I needed to do a larger size and you (DKY) have matched and helped me out with extra wool several times. The dyes have not been so different that I couldn't use them to do the ribbing on items and thus complete them easily. Thank you so much.

What I do is exactly what I did when I bought my children's clothes when little - I bought summer clothes in sales for the following summer and likewise with winter.

In my little book where all my items are to knit now I've time, I knit a season ahead for each weight of wool, so winter and autumn in spring and summer and summer/ spring things in autumn and winter - always always busy and with your help never short of advice and assistance.

Best site ever, don't know how you find all these old out of shop stock items!!

Well done all of you.

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