Jean Greenhowe Books Discontinued

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Jean Greenhowe Books Discontinued

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Since Jean Greenhowe retired her son has been trying to find someone to take over the printing of the Jean Greenhowe books. Unfortunately he has not been able to find anyone so all books are now discontinued and strictly "while stocks last".

They have stated they will be putting some of the books on her website as free pdf downloads. One of the reasons for doing this is to stop people profiteering by selling the books are hugely inflated prices.

We promised Jean Greenhowe designs that we would NOT put up the prices of the books we sold, which we have not. However, to stop customers from buying from us just to sell on at inflated prices, we have decided to put in a 2 book limit for each design. You can buy as many different books as you like but no more than 2 of each and only if you are buying for a friend. This is for all your orders not just per order, so if you have brought 2 of a design earlier you will not be allowed to buy them again.

You may think we are going a bit over the top, but we recently had a "customer" order 20 of each design in 8 orders in a 7 day period. In her first order she only bought 1 or 2 of each, but as we saw all the other orders come in we realised she must be selling so did a quick Google. We found her on several Facebook pages selling the books to unsuspecting members at higher prices. She had even promised some people she was getting more in stock and would send them out when she got them.

When we told her we had cancelled all her orders she didn't seem to think she had done anything wrong, until we pointed out that many customers also buy yarn and stuffing with their books from us and she was taking away those customers. Needless to say, she has not been back and seems to have stopped posting in those facebook groups, but she may be elsewhere.

While buying on Facebook can be quick and easy, there are a lot of rogues on there who cannot be trusted. She was posting out the books she took payment for, but there are many that don't and then disappear with your money.

The following books are already sold out and a few others are low on stock so do buy while you can at our low prices :-)

Christmas Treasures
Knitted Animals
Little Dumpling Dolls Part Two - Men
MacScarecrow Clan
Mascot Dolls
Red Nose Gang Part Four - Tradesmen Clowns
Traditional Favourites
Red Nose Gang Part Five - Young Alf's Pals
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