Royal Mail Price Increase April 2016 - CRAFT KITS

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Royal Mail Price Increase April 2016 - CRAFT KITS

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Royal Mail have yet again put up the price we pay for parcels :roll:

But we still feel Royal Mail is the best delivery service for the type of parcel we send.

We really do not want to put up the UK small parcel price of £1.50 - so we will NOT this year :lol:

Some of the other prices will be going up in the parcel weights over 100g but we are looking seriously at offering free UK P+P on larger orders.

This will either be on over £30 (like Craft Bits will be) or over £40 like Dianne's Knitting Yarns, but it is taking us a while to work out how to achieve it automatically in the shopping basket. If we cannot manage it we will reduce the UK p+p prices on larger bands to compensate.

This does not affect Non-UK Deliveries who will continue to get automatic prices in the Shopping Basket.

We will continue to bring you quality craft kits and gifts at the best prices possible.
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