pre order patterns

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pre order patterns

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it would be handy if on pre order patterns we could enlarge the pattern and at least see how much wool would be needed, otherwise it means an order for the pattern , and then another order for the wool :cry:
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That is always the plan - and many of them do already have the full details :)

The list of Pre-order Patterns are all waiting for me to put the details on :cry: Often I don't have time to do them before they are discontinued by the supplier. Those will never have the details put on as the current ones are more important.

If you do need any info on any pattern, or would like me to move a couple of patterns to the top of my (very big) pile, please do email me or post a list on here.

As to the separate orders - we deliberately have a low UK postage cost on pattern only orders so that customers have the option to see the pattern before paying the higher p+p on the yarn.

We do not make much money on pattern only orders now that we send in a Card Backed Envelope, so we do try to get as many details on as quickly as possible. We sell them at the low price with low postage in the hope a customer will come back to order the yarn :wink:
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